Monday, April 2, 2007

2007 Inaugural Camping Trip

The top of Steamboat Rock

We had a fabulous camping trip this weekend. It is so great to get back together with friends you haven't seen for too long, sit around a big campfire dodging sparks and cooking s'mores, basking in the fresh air even though sometimes the wind was 100 mph, hiking and playing and walking and riding, and sleeping so hard because you have done all of the above to your heart's content all day long.

Colton got rid of the training wheels, and this is him, on one of his first trips around the loop that our camp-site was in. That gleam of accomplishment in his eye was so fun to watch!

What this picture doesn't show is the HUGE fit that he threw on the way home because Matt threw away his training wheels, and Colton wanted to keep them in case he needed to put them back on the bike later. I guess we all like to have those crutches to fall back on, especially when we just learned something new!

We had a great time hiking to the top of Steamboat Rock - there were 8 adults and 13 kids on that hike! Matt was questioning our sanity from the very first moment. But, it was an incredible experience for all the kids (and adults, as well). My nieces tackled something that I wasn't sure they would be able to do - and even they really weren't sure they would be able to do it. The rosy cheeks, happy smiles, and proud faces were quite a sight at the end of the journey. It wasn't an easy hike, especially for the youngest ones - but they all did a great job, and we got to take some great trophy shots at the top of the hill! I don't think this adventure will be too quickly forgotten.

Chance and the older kids played a lot of baseball, football, kick the can, and ghost in the graveyard; they dug countless holes on the beach in search of water; they rode their bikes in endless circles, racing around the loop our campers were on; and put on a fabulous show of teamwork, inclusion, and just-plain-fun.

All-in-all, a really wonderful time. And, did I mention, we climbed to the top of this . . .

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

great shots Heather! What a fun trip. Hooray for Colton.