Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Who's Got Your Back?

As mentioned in our last post, we had a great weekend with family and friends this past week. It also brought up many opportunities for all of us to discover - who's got your back??

Earlier in the week, Matt was struggling to cut down several elm trees in our yard. They are fairly old trees, so they have some size to them. I had called my cousin, knowing he was coming down, to see if he could bring a larger chain saw with him. He didn't have one, so I called my dad to see if he could get one to my cousin's house to send my way.

Now, I must give a little background before I finish that part of the story. Matt and my dad always support each other. It seems to be a never-ending quest at both our houses for new electronic gadgets of some sort. It started with computers (we'd get a new one, he'd need a new one), then moved onto surround sound, TV, laptop, Sirius radio - the list goes on and on. They are always either double-teaming or tag-teaming my mom and I to get bigger, better, faster stuff. In turn, my mom and I try to stick together in our steadfast refusal of said stuff accumulation.

So, when I call my dad to ask about sending his chain saw over, imagine my surprise when his response was - "I think Matt is just bucking for a new power tool! He doesn't really need a bigger chain saw, he just needs a logging lesson." You can almost feel my giddiness as I promptly hang up with my dad and call Matt to tell him that it's not a tool issue, it's an operator issue. Needless to say, Matt was crushed. They have such a history of having each other's back - this was a huge blow to him.

Subsequently, Matt called to chew on my dad a bit for "diming him out." Dad calls me to chew on me a bit for "diming him out." Needless to say, I'll probably not get such blatant honesty from my dad on matters of tools, at least in the near future.

Not to be outdone, when they were down for dinner on Sunday, my mom turned around and did the same to me. As Matt is laying out a rather convincing argument for a second 4-wheeler, my mom's response was - "wouldn't that be fun when we're camping. Oh, you guys would just have a ball!" She is missing my piercing glare, and only after the fact tries to backpedal when she sees that she has broken our sacred "Say No To All Husband Toy Requests" bond we have going on.

So, the moral of my rambling post - be careful. You never know who's got your back. The guys will gang up on you, your kids will gang up on you, and when it gets really bad, your mom may even turn on you!


Darla said...

So when are you getting that 2nd four wheeler *lol*

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Heather, I love this post. The silent partnerships in both generations was fun to read about.