Monday, March 5, 2007

Trash or Treasure?

Once again, if I was a good blogger, I would have a picture for you of my wreck of a living room this weekend.

My mother-in-law has been moving for the past few weeks They are moving to a smaller place - at least as far as storage is concerned, and my husband is her only child. Does anyone else see where this is going, yet?

She decided to drive up and see us this weekend, and bring a "few things" that she had for Matt. This term, "a few things," was used several times, and I was not smart enough to remember that words like "couple," "few," and "several" are often in the eye of the beholder.

She drives a Chevy mini-van.

I am not sure how she could see to drive, that things was SO. PACKED. FULL. OF. STUFF!!! I know she couldn't see out any of the windows . . .

But, amongst all this stuff, there were several treasures. Things that had us cracking up and laughing like we hadn't in a long time. Games we played that had the boys enthralled, and Matt and I both on a huge nostalgia trip. A scooter that Colton immediately adopted. Old love letters that once meant so much. An old Halloween costume that the boys fought over until the fragile item had to be put away - you see, I didn't have the camera out, and the scrapbooker in me (and by osmosis, in Matt) didn't want the costume ruined before pictures could be taken.

So, the question is, is all the trash worth the treasures? When my living room was full of boxes last night, I would have said probably not. After watching Matt's face finding toys and things he didn't remember until he saw them - I think maybe so.


Darla said...

She brought you so many special things along with the "what the heck was she thinking?" stuff, but atleast you now can decide what to keep & what not....and how cool for the boys to see stuff that belonged to their dad when he was their age.

And by the way your last blog was Wednesday .. What's up with that...

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh my goodness, Heather. I can only IMAGINE what Verna (your mother-in-law) had in store for Matt. She's a driving treasure trove herself. I love to scrapbook next to her because she has everything you could every imagine needing--and so graciously shares. Good luck sorting and finding a home.

Susan said...

I LOVE finding old treasures!! I being the fifth child, have very few things to save. By the way, THANK YOU for the tip on the eraser for the permanent marker. It worked pretty good, except the wall is brick, lots of little crevices to get into, but I won't have to paint right away! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Takes a pretty special woman to give up her living room to my old stuff, especially the old letters and pictures, thanks for not throwing a match at the whole pile. It sure would have made a blaze!

Its a pretty cool mom to have the foresight to think about what her son might want several decades later and the patients to store them until he had the maturity to appreciate both.

To both of you I say Thank you!