Thursday, March 15, 2007

Music Post #473

I had a meeting last night, so the boys were on their own. As is the custom on nights when mom is gone, it was an evening of junk food and music. Thankfully, Chance didn't have any homework to worry about, because usually in a case such as this, it would have been skipped.

Last night, it was Jack in The Box for dinner - which Colton and Chance both swear is the best fast food restaurant in the entire universe. If we could just rotate between Jack, Red Robin for mac & cheese, and Pizza Hut - oh, my boys would be in sweet heaven already!

Back to the music - last night was VanZant night - Get Right With The Man -

Don't get too high on the bottle, just a little sip every now and then
Fight your fights, find the grace, in all the things that you can't change
And help somebody if you can
And get right with the Man

So - some snippets of conversation -

Chance - "Why did you have to have a meeting, Mom?"
Mom - "I had to help a gal on her computer."
Chance - "What part were you helping her with?"
Mom - "Some bookkeeping stuff - like keeping track of expenses and checks you write."
Chance - "Everybody knows how to do that, mom--why did you have to teach her?"
Dad - "Because, what did we learn in the song tonight?"
Chance - "Help somebody if you can?"
Dad - "Exactly."

Now, a break into singing (of the above lyrics) by the male trio. Can you just picture this little mini-musical?

Next conversation -

Mom - "So, who's 'The Man'"
Chance (in his usual quiet demeanor) - "It's God."
Colton (in regular Colton manner, standing up on top of the chair) - "GOD! The Man is GOD, mom!!! Didn't you know that?"

Yes, I know "The Man" is God - and I'm thankful for that every day. Glad we're all getting to be on the same page . . .


Darla said...

I love it when you share your Chance & Colton stories.. I can so visualize them...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you only posted part of the lyrics. I really look like a good dad that way! Keep up the good work!