Thursday, March 8, 2007

I've Been Down

Music is a pretty big thing in our family. We all love the radio, love to sing along, and can be found "bobbin' our noggins" to lots of different styles of music. I listen to a lot of Contemporary Christian music, and we all listen to a lot of country music, including lots of old stuff like Johnny Cash, Hank, Hank Jr, Waylon Jennings, etc. My son Colton is just as likely to be heard shouting "You Never Let Go" by Aaron Shust as he is "Chicken With the Train" by Cowboy Troy.

Lately, he's been on an old country kick - "Ring of Fire", "Big John", and "I've Been Down."

We went to lunch for my mom's birthday on Tuesday, and my brother and sister were both there. My brother really likes old country music, and new country music that sounds like old country music. So, on the way there, I am admittedly "coaching" Colton a little bit, hoping he would sing something for Judd at lunch. He is not cooperating - not even a little bit.

So, hoping to coach him a bit subliminally, I start singing "I've Been Down".

He immediately tells me I'm doing it wrong.

I say - then you sing it.

He says no.

I start singing again.

He tells me again I'm doing it wrong.

I ask him how to do it right.

He wrinkles his nose, squints his eyes, and kind of glares at me. He says "You gotta look sad, mom, like you've been down before." Because, you know, this 3-year-old has experienced so many things in his young life to be down about. And then, from the saddest looking 3-year-old in the backseat, comes the most nasally, twangy voice he can muster - "I blew my last $20 on an Oilers football game . . . "

It was Priceless! No, he didn't sing it for Judd, but hearing him sing "I've Been Down", you know, like he's really been down, well that just made my day!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I love the way you told this story Heather. I could picture it perfectly.

Darla said...

Oh Heather, I can see Colton doing this ... Get him & Elijah together & my what a dueo we'd have...

Janice said...

Too funny - get him a mouth harp and you can go to the Ritzville Blues Fest!!! We have been stuck on Spongebob's Best Day Ever CD for the past couple of months. Have Rod tell you about the "Operator of the Year" song!!!