Friday, March 9, 2007

I've Been Down, cont . . .

Okay, so yesterday's story won't be complete until I tell Chance's side of the story.

I mentioned that we sing around our house - a lot. We sing at home, we sing in the car, most of us sing at church. We can pretty much be found bobbin' our noggins whenever we get the chance.

So, with all of this singing, sometimes you just sing the words (or what you think are the words) without paying much attention to what you are saying.

As I said before, we've been on this "I've Been Down" kick for a little while now. For those of you not familiar with the poetics of Hank Jr., here are the first few lyrics:

"I blew my last $20 on an Oilers football game - I only lost by 1/2 a point, nothin' ever goes my way - I've been down, but not this far before - I've been kicked around, but never out the door . . ."

So Chance (my analytical one) finally pays attention to said lyrics as we are singing last Sunday. Okay, I know, Hank Jr. is probably not the best choice to fill our minds and souls on the way to and from church, but it sure does keep the boys quiet. And, I digress . . .

The first question was - who are the Oilers? Explaining old football teams in the NFL actually proved easy compared to the rest of the conversation.

Next - How can you lose by 1/2 a point - football has 7's and 3's? So, Matt tries to explain how when you bet, the weaker team usually gets points allotted to them to make the betting more "fair."

Many, many more questions ensued - Where do you bet? What are odds? What's the spread? Who decides which team is better? How come they don't just get 7 points? Why is there 1/2 points?

As I mentioned before, probably not the best way to fill up the impressionable child's mind. I'm sure he can't remember what Pastor Jody's sermon was that day, but he probably told all his playground buddies about betting in Vegas, odds, the spread, and points!

Parents of the year, I tell ya! Or straight to h#$$. Thank God for grace - we need it more and more everyday.

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