Monday, March 12, 2007

Almost Camping!

We had a great weekend this week. Our cousins' boy had a basketball tournament in town, so they pulled their new camper down and stayed in our yard. These are people that we usually camp with all summer long, and we have all been getting so anxious for camping weather. We've been making reservations since the 1st of the year, for various trips throughout the summer, and it just makes you all the more antsy!

The kids played and played and played. Chance had hockey on Saturday, and Wyatt had two basketball games. Frankly, I don't know how either of them had the energy to do it, after running around outside for hours and hours! Their family still has much snow where they live, so this was the kids' first opportunity to really play outside for quite awhile.

Yesterday, Wyatt didn't have a game until 2:00, so we made a big breakfast, then sat in their camp trailer and visited for a couple hours. I know, the house was like 100 yards away, including comfy recliners and a TV, but to sit in the camper just made it feel that much closer to those fun times that we are all waiting for.

The kids were EXHAUSTED last night - no troubles getting to sleep, even with the time change. What a great time!

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Janice said...

What fun! Just a quick sneak peek at all that summer fun!