Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Love From The Boys

A little history . . . .

About 3 weeks ago, in Wal-Mart, we are doing our regular grocery shopping after work - which is another post altogether about the sanity of taking two impatient growing boys into Wal-Mart after a 10-hour day to buy a cart full of groceries. Anyway, we are finally done - I've said "no", "don't touch", "keep your hands in the cart", and "DO NOT touch your brother!" more times than I can count. On our way to the check-out, I pause in the women's clothing section to look at a cute pullover collared shirt. Instead of the 2-3 buttons normally at the neckline, it has this little lace-up deal. Colton (age 3) sees what I'm looking at, and the following conversation occurs-

Colton - "Mommy, are you buying that?"

Mommy - "I don't know yet."

Colton - "Don't buy dat shirt, mommy."

Mommy - "How come - I think it's kind of cute? Don't you think it would look cute?"

Colton - "I think you would look like a shoe."

Fast-forward to today, when I actually wear my cute, new shirt for the first time.

Mommy - "Happy Valentine's Day, Colty!"

Colton - "It's Balentimes day already?!!!"

Then, looking at me with a tilted head and half-raised eyebrow . . .

"See Mommy, I told you you'd look like a shoe!"

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Jane said...


I love your blog! I’m so glad you’re doing it. Your stories are so real.

I loved Colton’s comments on the shoe…and that you and Matt are competitive even in your dental exams ;-)