Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Okay, Jane, even though I am a virtual blogging infant who should not yet be eligible for a game of tag, I will take you up on your challenge.

Five random things you probably don't know about me - no fair Darla, you have to work with me for 10 hours a day, so you probably know them all.

1. I sing SO LOUD in my car - I absolutely love to sing. But, I am actually a really, really bad singer, so I sing soooo softly in church, or if anyone else is in the car. My boys have actually asked me not to sing songs that they particularly like - I'm sure because they think I ruin them ;-)

2. I was in our high school drama play in both my Junior and Senior year of high school. I was a really bad actress. This is why this is significant - you see, I just don't do things that I'm not good at. I have always wanted to learn how to golf, but I want to be good at it right away, so I never take the step to learn. Which leads to . . .

3. I have a bit of a competitive streak. Okay, it is a raging river coursing through my veins. Although I know, by God's grace, I am no better than anyone else, somehow whenever something can be measured, timed, or counted I think I need to come out on top. And somehow, in my demented little mind, I am sure that God would not have given me these talents (whatever it is at the time) if He did not want me to strive to use them to the best of my ability! My husband and I compete on our dental exams, for goodness sake! You know, the one where they do the little gum measuring thing to see if your gums are still healthy or not??? Mental hospital, here I come.

4. I am a total Blog and MySpace lurker. I love to keep track of my friends, and their friends, and their friends friends. But, I rarely (if ever) comment, and I have a hard time so far keeping up with my own blog! The more I think about it, this is how I am in "real life" too. If there is any kind of crowd in a room, I will sit back and watch my friends, and their friends, and their friends friends, and just enjoy watching the room dynamics. I would have to know you really, really well to actually be comfortable walking across the room and saying hello. I'm working on that, but boy, it's way out of my comfort zone!

5. If I had my career to choose over again, it would be a chef. I'd have to own my own restaurant though, because I get too controlling over the whole numbers thing. I don't know if it would be entrees, desserts, or the whole ball of wax. I could (and sometimes do) spend hours and hours looking through recipes, printing off ones I want to try someday, and sorting back through those I've already printed to find something I know is in there. Then, 99 times out of 100, I end up not getting home until about 6:00 or 6:30, and throwing together some 30 minute quickie with refrigerated Toll House cookies for dessert (maybe baked, maybe just spoonfuls of dough)!

Okay, that's 5! I am going to tag Darla - I know she has a blog started, even if it only has one entry in it so far!!! Darla, you are it, and I expect to see a link to your results!!!

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