Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetheart! 100 things I love about my husband . . .

1. He loves the Lord
2. He tries his best each day to follow Him
3. A real smile from him (real, real - not the almost crooked fake one) can lift my spirits from the lowest of lows
4. He loves his family
5. He loves me
6. He is a good friend to all who would call him friend
7. He is a fabulous father for our boys
8. He is just the right amount of spontaneous to balance my gotta-plan-everything life
9. He has this engineering-type mind that can plan out and build anything he puts his mind to
10. He involves the boys in said engineering projects, encouraging their imaginations as well
11. He knows how to play
12. He makes me want to remember how to play
13. He stretches my musical interests
14. He would watch shoot-em-up movies every time if he could, but still picks a good chick flick or comedy at least half the time
15. He has no pre-conceptions when he is cooking, and comes up with the craziest concoctions, that 90% of the time turn out fabulous
16. He loves his mom
17. He is a good employee
18. He works hard at whatever he does
19. He is remembering how to lounge around and watch football all day again
20. He likes to watch sports as much as I do
21. He dives head-first into whichever sport Chance is into at the time, and plays it with him incessantly
22. He is not as good at basketball as I am
23. Occasionally, he is honest enough to admit that he is not as good at basketball as I am
24. He is proud of our home
25. He works hard to keep our home/shop/land looking good
26. He wants to be a cattleman
27. He loves my mom and dad
28. He is not threatened by my closeness with my family
29. He never scrutinizes the phone bill
30. He has become such a good friend to my brother
31. He gets along better with most people in Waterville than I do
32. He is such a traditionalist
33. He passes important traditions onto our boys
34. He looks with interest at my endless scrapbook pages, and compliments me on them
35. He appreciates a heart-felt, hand-made gift more than anything I could buy him
36. He drives differently when his family is in the car than when he's by himself
37. He drives 75% of the places we go as a family--and lets me sleep when I get sleepy on the road
38. He thinks he's from a small town
39. He is still a country boy, even though he's from the city
40. Every time we visit his hometown (city), he reminisces about new developments that used to be orchards, pastures, where he rode his go-cart, etc.
41. He is a good provider for our family
42. He is sometimes too worrisome for his own good
43. He is willing to listen to me when I tell him he is being too worrisome
44. We attend church as a family
45. He goes to weekly bible study with me
46. He does not complain when I abandon him for long weekends to attend a scrapbook retreat or two
47. He is the best bachelor dad when I am at meetings or above-mentioned scrapbook retreats
48. He is the boys' hero
49. In many ways, he is my hero
50. In every way, he is my best friend
51. He can raise just one eyebrow, and roll his tongue
52. He puts up with me making fun of him, as I try (unsuccessfully) to raise one eyebrow or roll my tongue
53. I think both boys inherited both of these traits
54. He will laugh with me in later years when I am going crazy seeing these traits in my boys
55. He loves to camp as much as I do
56. He helps me be financially responsible in regards to the new camper we both want
57. When camping, he takes the boys on explores so I can lounge and read a book in solitude, even if just for a little while
58. He eats at least one helping of everything I cook, even if I totally bomb and it's something I can't even eat
59. He eats many helpings of things that I cook that he likes, and compliments me on them
60. He gets a sweet tooth almost as often as I do
61. He's finally coming around to going to bed at 10, and knows this one thing along does not make us old people
62. He will watch the Discover Channel with me for hours, and coupled with the 10-o-clock bed thing, doesn't care that we are definitely getting old . . .
63. He will make as many trips to Wenatchee and Waterville as we need to in the next few months
64. He has tolerated more (many more) than his fair share of trips to Wenatchee and Waterville in the last few months
65. He says very little about the previous two - his eyebrow says a lot, but he says very little ;-)
66. He wants to raise our boys in a Christian environment
67. He makes the sacrifices necessary to send them to the Christian school
68. He is involved in the success of the school, and readily helps whenever called upon
69. He sits for hours on cold bleachers on a wintery Saturday morning because his son thinks he wants to try hockey
70. I know he would do the same thing if I thought I wanted to try hockey (don't hold your breath ;-)
71. He doesn't treat a Hamburger Helper dinner any different than steak and lobster - as long as there's food on the table, he's never picky
72. He knows how to laugh
73. Even at himself
74. But especially at me or the boys
75. He tries hard not to laugh at the boys when it is inappropriate (you know how funny body functions are to little boys)
76. Even though he tries hard, he still laughs (I guess things like this are still funny when you're not such a little boy)
77. He sings endless songs with the boys
78. He will belt out "Jesus Loves Me" as loud as he'll sing Toby Keith
79. He still sends me flowers
80. He still surprises me by delivering flowers to my desk early in the morning before I get to work
81. He makes the most of family time
82. Especially during the times when family time is at a premium
83. He knows the words to the Go Diego Go song, and probably the Dora ones, too
84. He will only look a little bit sheepish when I catch him singing along
85. He writes letters to the boys in case he is called from this earth before they are grown
86. He makes the best creme brulee I've ever tasted
87. Better than any restaurant we've been to
88. He takes us out to dinner every once in awhile, to NICE places, and doesn't look twice at what anything costs
89. He is just as comfortable going with the family to McDonald's, with me making everyone order off the $$ menu to save money
90. He keeps our pellet stove running, and hauls almost every bag of pellets that get loaded into the hopper
91. He lets Colt help him load said hopper, even though it slows him down tremendously
92. He lets the boys drive from the mailbox on the way home
93. He is too chicken to let Chance steer and run the gas pedals, marking the FIRST time that I am more adventurous than he is!!
94. He likes to watch The Office with me
95. He faxes me things from "Future Heather" every once in awhile, to make sure I'm not taking him or myself too seriously
96. He looks fabulous in a suit
97. He was even good looking when he was trying to look unsavory
98. He is as sure as I am that we are in this thing together, forever--there are no other options
99. Thankfully, he's still glad about that
100. I don't want any other options - EVER!

Happy Valentine's Day, Sweetie - I love you!

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Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I LOVED reading this list Heather. It's fun to know the man behind all the pictures.