Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My First Post

Well, I am diving in. Officially a part of the blogger world. Last year at this time, BLOG was something I'd read something about in a tech magazine that didn't really stick. Then, I got stuck on my friend Jane's blog, and have been intrigued ever since. That, combined with my mom's persistent pokes to "write down the happenings of my family so I don't forget them in 10 years," is what prompts me to delve in to this unknown world and record our thoughts, funny times, sad times, and otherwise historic times. I am vowing now to write down the funny things my kids say, the extraordinary events that we will probably remember anyway, and the ultra-ordinary events that we may well forget by next week. Here we go . . . .

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gil said...

Welcome to the world of Blogging Heather

xxx gil